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Hey, I have an older system IE: Gigagyte mobo model ga-57sli s4 Am 2 socket, with an Amd64X2 6400 be cpu, 2gig ddr2 ram,ati 2900xt vid card. My mother board has gone south. Beep codes indicate video card.... replaced with a sapphire 2900 pro in go working order same thing.(tried both pci slots) same. So iam looking for a replacement. Could any one point me in the right direction,,,,,, Be nice..... lol,,,,,, Thanks in advance. JC
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  1. i found this one. its a biostar board n590 sli.

    and here is this ASrock 770 board

    am2 boards are hard to find well at least really good ones are at least. most am2 replacement boards today are budget entry level boards

    edit: i also found this cool msi board. it comes with graphics too.
  2. Thanks Nugget Gives me a starting Point.
  3. no problem bro. like a said its a little hard to find a good am2 board. its easier to just upgrade to am3, but i wasnt sure if you were willing to do that
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