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Can you install WIndows 7 to a built PC from an upgrade disk?

I have read several accounts of people building a computer and installing the OS from a windows 7 upgrade disk. Can you actually do this?
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    So, could I use ^that^ to install windows 7? Ow would I have to buy the more expensive upgrade?

    Also, is it any more complicated than installing the OEM? The article says so, but I want to be sure...
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    No you need the regular upgrade not the anytime upgrade version
  3. That's so complicated. Start off with a basic XP installation (you do not even need drivers). Then pop the Win7 disk (either one) into the drive and follow instructions.
  4. The easy method to install a full Windows 7 from an upgrade disc is simple, boot from the upgrade cd and install as normal. DO NOT put the key in when asked. Once you get to the desktop click the windows logo (start) button, right click Computer, go to properties, then in windows activation is where you update the key. This avoids the double install or windows xp steps.
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