CPU upgrade advice?

ok, my computer is rather past it's prime, the processor is struggling to handle most games now and in particular I hope to play the recently released fallout: new vegas.

I started by checking the minimum requirement for the game and my computer was strides below so i went window shopping, i believe i have found the components for the minimum requirements, i'm pretty sure the memory upgrade will work as will the graphics, but the cpu i'm a little uneasy about, after all i havent got a ton of experience on computer brain surgery, the motherboard is a GA-8I915PM-FS, so i'm told, and the current processor is a I915 CPU for which the motherboard is built, it is a single core 3.06GHz unit, which is showing it's age. i wish to upgrade to at least dual core and one chip that i found that sounds good for the job is the pentium dual core e5200. now i'm not sure if you can only use the same line of chipsets on the same motherboard but the socket type matches up and it is a pentium line processor so i thought it wouldnt be too much trouble but if anybody could tell me if i'm about to make a huge mistake that would be much appreciated. thanks in advance
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  1. Quote:
    i tried to research your board.
    it's the oldest version of the 775 socket I believe and only runs ddr ram.
    as far as the cpu compatibility, I'm not quite certain yet but it looks like it is not possible to upgrade that chip.

    Supports the latest Intel ® Pentium ® 4 LGA775 CPU
    Supports 800/533MHz FSB
    L2 cache varies with CPU
    Northbridge: Intel ® 915P Express chipset
    Southbridge: Intel ® ICH6
    Supported on the Win 2000/XP/MCE operating systems
    4 DDR DIMM memory slots (supports up to 4GB memory) (Note)
    Supports dual channel DDR400/333 DIMM
    Supports 2.5V DDR DIMM
    1 PCI Express x 16 slot
    1 PCI Express x 1 slot
    2 PCI slots

    Yeah the specs on the link had all that, i wasnt aware that there were different types of 775 socket, i guess i'll have to look into that too :( , thanks tho :)
  2. the stats on the intel website suggest the mobo should be able to handle it :??:


    And i knew about the ddr only ram situation, i found a 1gb pc3200 stick to add for pretty cheap on amazon
  3. Quote:
    yes, different versions of the lga775 socket..

    what types are there cos i'm not well knowledged about processor socket types
  4. Quote:
    update the BIOS and give it a try..

    yeah, thought as much, the bios hasnt been updated since i got the bloody thing, i was just looking at how i would go about doing that :lol:
  5. i should be able to update from a disk right? cos the computer doesnt have a floppy drive :??:
  6. The gigabyte website does not seem to have a section for my specific motherboard, pc wizard claims it to be a: NEC COMPUTERS INTERNATIONAL GA-8I915PM
    but there is no category for such a motherboard...strange
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