Raid 0 on Asmedia Controller w/ Rampage V Extreme


I'm in the process of building a new rig and I'm trying to figure out the best way to setup my hdds (using them as scratch drives for video processing and misc storage).

Current build:
Mobo: Asus Rampage V Extreme
CPU: i7-3770K
Memory: F3-2400C10-GTX (32gb in XMP)

Tentative storage:
Samsung 830 256gb x2 Raid 0 on Intel SATA III as boot drive (backed up weekly)
WD VelociRaptor 600gb x4 Raid 0 on Asmedia SATA III OR x3 Raid 0 on Intel SATA II.

My question is which would ultimately work better for the system?
I'd like to go x4 on the Asmedia raid controller, but I've read a lot of bad things about them and the problems they can bring.
All I need the hdds to do is serve as scratch drives for rendering/processing, so if they die in raid 0 or have slightly sub-par performance that's not a major issue so long as it's still better than running x3 on the Intel SATA II controller.
If I run them x3 on the Intel SATA II controller, that'll leave one drive out and prevent me from using an optical drive (although I don't use it much anyway, so not a huge loss).

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  1. hi, sorry cant really help with the raid. i normally stick to the intel sata chipset as the other controllers use pci-e lanes. so not only can this effect ur pci-e banwidth but i also believe it has an upper limit of arond 350mb/s. the main reason i replied is becasue i confused about ur set-up.

    if ur using a motherboard which hasent been release yet ie "Asus Rampage V Extreme" i would like to know where you got it from. and second how are you using an ivybridge cpu (socket 1155) in a socket 2011 board.

    I think you mean a different motherboard. prehaps the maximus or forumla z77 boards.
  2. My mistake. I meant the Maximus V Extreme. Was looking at the Rampage IV when I was going to go with 2011, but went with 1155 instead.
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