Grey Screen and System Reboots with XFX 5830

Hi Guys,

I recently built a system but I'm having major Graphics problems with the XFX 5830 HD. I can only load a game for about 2 mins before the screen starts bouncing about, Green and grey vertical bars appear and eventually my PC either reboots or bluescreens. (Don't have code sorry as I'm at work at the moment, sorry)

I've got a 650W Coolmaster power supply so that’s not an issue and it runs Windows 7 Desktop and video fine. Temps are fine and around 40 - 50C. Drivers are the latest 10.6 from ATI and I’m wondering if this is the problem?

When playing the game for 2 mins the whole PC performs brlliantly. Windows index of 7.5 across the board and I've disabled the HD Audio driver as I read that can cause some problems. I'm Stumped.

Full Spec:

AMD PhenomII x 4 965 3.4Ghz BE


Asus M4A785TD-M EVO

Corsair XMS3 Dominator DDR3 PC312800(1600), CAS 8-8-8-24, DHX, DF, BEMP,1.65V 4GB (2 x 2GB)

CoolMaster 650W GX PSU

1 TB F3 Samsung HDD

I'm running windows 7 32-bit and it's a fresh install as well as the drivers that I got from ATi so theres none left over from a previous system.

Any ideas or help would be awesome! Thanks guys.
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  1. Yup Cat 10.6 as a frsh install.
  2. Kool thanks, I'm hoping it is just driver related ^_^

    I'll give it a whirl when I go home and let you know.
  3. Ok, I'm home now but a new problem has come up!

    Tried to turn on the PC and had no joy. No signal to the screen at all and no boot sounds, just PSU fan going odd. Took the card out and booted using onboard graphics (MoBo is: Asus M4A785TD-M). This has worked and I'm now eher running at a god awful res cause I don't want to install 4xxx drivers for the onboard only to have it conflict with the 5xxx drivers later.

    So now we have 5830 in, no boot or even bios, and no card using on board GPU works.

    I've checked CPU-Z and hardware monitor and all seems ok else where. Damn this GPU!!!

    Any ideas at all please guys? :(
  4. Might be a bad card, yeah. But for the time being log in off mobo vid and completely wipe your video drivers (first in add/remove programs and then run driver sweeper). After/during that download the 10.4 drivers from ATI. Then reboot. Install the 10.4 drivers. Shut down and plug the card in. Boot up and see what happens.

    I also had a wierd issue once where it would black screen after the windows splash but before login. I could hear the sounds just no video. Worked ok in safe mode. It was some sort of driver conflict but I never could resolve it so I ended up reinstalling Win 7 and that fixed it.
  5. Ok, i phoned the place I got it from and they put me through to a teccy. He reckons the card is duff and so I put in my old one and... bing. I'm on here typing this with a Graphics rating of 7.1 in windows on my old card. *sigh*

    RMA time :)

    Thanks afor all your feedback guys :D
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