New assembly pc... need some help


I'm having a good assembly computer

my computer parts that I want to buy it is

i5 2500K

Asus p8p68 Pro (New one)

Corsair rams no less than 8Gb

and regular hard disk from WD

I chose this motherboard specifically because it has a build-in graphic card and no need to buy a external one

I'm just confusing from two things

the first is the RAM

I have found two kinds form it

the first one is 2000Mhz speed (2 x 4Gb) =8Gb

the second 1600 Mhz (4 x 2Gb)=8Gb

so which is the pest one for me??

in general, lets say I have some type of RAM, 4 chips of the same RAM is good (4 x 2Gb)or 2 chips of it (2 x4Gb) is better than make it 4 ( for dual channel purpose )

the second confusing thing is the internal build-in graphic card
is it faster to buy a motherboard that has no build-in graphic card or not???
I'm just asking that because i feel that it will get more load for the CPU in processing
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  1. Welcome to Tom's Forums! :)

    None of the 'P67' MOBO's have an iGPU and only the Z68 chipset allows access to the graphic componets of the Sandy Bridge. The closest match to the ASUS P8P67 PRO is the ASUS P8Z68-V PRO but it's +$43 more expensive otherwise the ASUS P8Z68-V is +15 more.

    MOBO Side-by-Side ->|13-131-730^13-131-730-TS%2C13-131-729^13-131-729-TS%2C13-131-703^13-131-703-TS

    I would not waste money on anything faster than 1600 MHz CAS 8/9 2X4GB RAM. It's better to have 2X4GB and not 4X2GB.
    RAM Side-by-Side ->|20-231-428^20-231-428-TS%2C20-231-445^20-231-445-TS%2C20-233-144^20-233-144-TS%2C20-145-345^20-145-345-TS

    RAM Frequency + Sandy Bridge reviews ->

    The differences with the P67 Discrete GPU vs P67 integrated GPU + Discrete GPU is negligible. If you're not going to game or light gaming the iGPU is fine and doesn't interfere with computing at least from what I've see. Ideally you want to minimum of 30-35 FPS; article ->
  2. I'm assuming you are not from the US? So where are you from? What are you going to use this computer for?

    The cpu has the integrated graphics, the z68 mobo allowing you to utilize it. The integrated is not made for gaming but is sufficient for everything else. A mobo with or without the use of the igpu will not affect cpu speed but with the integrated on creates more heat on the cpu, as it is on the cpu.

    You want to go with 2x4gb for future expandabilty and 2000 vs 1600mhz is not much difference.

    Also for mobo, you do not need the pro as you do not need to sli/crossfire if you aren't even considering getting a card now.
  3. First thing I wrote the model of the motherboard wrong but you knew what I mean :lol: professionals


    Thanks for your reply, from the link that you gave it means that the P8P67 pro is benefit for me rather than P8Z68 pro

    but if I buy it I still have to buy an external graphic card, totally I'll not get benefit from the sandy bridge also I'll pay more money

    so, it seems that I'll buy a P8Z68 pro

    for the RAM I'll buy a 2X4Gb 1600Mhz

    thanks for Advice : )



    thanks for the reply, for the over heat form the CPU due to the graphics processing I'll buy a professional cooling dissipation for the CPU so that I'll prevent the overheating.

    generally the heat of the CPU will not exceed 70C


    thanks for the advice :))
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