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Is it possible to connect two computers, each equipped with a thunderbolt port, and have them think it's a peer to peer ethernet connection? i.e., this will presumably work as a 10Gib/sec ethernet network.

What I really want to achieve is something like the following:
[iMac] --EoT-- [Linux] --Thunderbolt-- [Storage]

[iMac] client connected to Linux server with Ethernet over Thunderbolt, accessing files on the storage via NFS
[Linux] server connected over Thunderbolt to JBOD storage formatted with BtrFS, exporting storage in NFS

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  1. Something like this?

    I understand you can use thunderbolt in target disk mode too on the Macs.
  2. This is a start, but it doesn't really utilises the Thunderbolt bandwidth to its maximum.
    After all, TB is capable of 10 Gib/sec, and the ethernet adapter is a 1 Gib/sec...

    I wish there was a Thunderbolt to 10 Gib/sec Ethernet adapter :-)
  3. Magma offers a Thunderbolt to PCIe expansion chassis called ExpressBox 3T that provides a way to connect three PCIe cards to your Thunderbolt equipped computer - Maybe this solution will work for you?

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