How do I completely wipe the data off my SSD for a new Windows 7?

Hey, I need to wipe all of the data off my SSD to install a new version of Windows 7. Can anybody help me and tell me how. I looked and I can't find a helpful guide.
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  1. To install Windows 7 using the Custom option and formatting the hard disk

    To format your hard disk during Windows 7 installation, you'll need to start, or boot, your computer using the Windows 7 installation disc or USB flash drive.

    Turn on your computer so that Windows starts normally, insert the Windows 7 installation disc or USB flash drive, and then shut down your computer.

    Restart your computer.

    Press any key when prompted, and then follow the instructions that appear.

    On the Install Windows page, enter your language and other preferences, and then click Next.

    If the Install Windows page doesn't appear, and you're not asked to press any key, you might need to change some system settings. To learn how to do this, see Start your computer from a Windows 7 installation disc or USB flash drive.

    On the Please read the license terms page, if you accept the license terms, click I accept the license terms, and then click Next.

    On the Which type of installation do you want? page, click Custom.

    On the Where do you want to install Windows? page, click Drive options (advanced).

    Click the partition that you want to change, click the formatting option you want to perform, and then follow the instructions.

    When you've finished formatting, click Next.

    Follow the instructions to finish installing Windows 7, which include naming your computer and setting up an initial user account. :D :D
  2. There are several different ways to wipe data from a solid state drive.

    What brand and model ssd do you have?

    Did your ssd come with any utilities that include secure erase? For example, Samsung ssd's can be erased using the Samsung Magician utility and a USB flash drive. I just did one this morning. It is fast an easy.

    Second, there are 3rd party pc maintenance utilities that can completely wipe data. For example, System Mechanic Pro has the Drive Scrubber that will wipe everything from an ssd. All you need is a spare cd-rom disc to created a Drive Scrubber disk. I did that too. Again it is fast and easy to do.

    Finally, as SR-71 Blackbird already mentioned, you can wipe an ssd during Windows installion by selecting "Custom" installation. When you make that choice you will get a warning that you will lose all data on the ssd.

    Each method is a little bit different. They're all easy to do. It is just a matter of following directions. Nothing complicated about it. It has been my experience that a secure erase is the fastest method.
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