New setup looking for assitance.

Okay I had a really decent computer and still have the case and screen and speakers and HD so those arent a problem. However there was recently a surge while i was on vacation and my computer was fried. Which I dont mind so much because i was right about to upgrade anyways. I'd appreciate if someone could take a look at my parts and tell me if their worth the price at $755 dollars because i more of needed around $600 but im not willing to sacrifice much in terms of long term usability in gaming. RAM 95 (85 mail in rebate) free shipping CPU 195 + free shipping PSU bundled with Mobo 289 (245 after mail in rebate) + free shipping GPU 230 + free shipping

Thanks for your time.
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    unless you plan to sli that motherboard isnt worth it and besides it is the wrong socket for your motherboard the i5 750/760 are 1156, here is a gigabyte board that includes usb 3 & sata 6gb/s for $139.99

    and acheaper memory 4gb ram kit from gskill $81.99

    other than that everything looks good
  2. One big problem. It appears that you're planning on getting an intel X58 motherboard to go with your i5 build - this won't work. Intel X58 motherboards are designed for i7 9xx processors due to their socket 1366 - the i5 is on a separate platform, intel P55 for socket 1156.

    Here's a good motherboard for your i5 -

    Other than that, it is a decent build - i5 based rigs are great in terms of performance and value.
  3. This is what happens when you don't do your damn research, you have got a 1156 with a 1366 mobo, don't come here clueless please ;) do SOME research yourself.

  4. Thanks guys. And i know i fudged it a little bit. The reason for my parts was i was trying to make it easily upgradeable if i had ever needed and i7. and the SLI was there because i had thought about the 480GTX but the 460 was a better value and in the long run if i needed something more i planned to just put in another 460.
  5. If you want an upgradeable PC go with AMD
  6. ive honestly never made and AMD computer before. I cant say im not open to it but its really quite different from what im used to so id have no idea what to look for.
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