I beg of you please respond about pci-e problem


here is the situation, running both windows xp and 7, Bios only visible if I unplug power supply and vga monitor cable and turn on psu and computer and then plug in vga cable after the computer is on, then I can see my options to dual boot etc...

For some reason the BIOS was changed to boot from pci and not pci-e. I tried changing it and saved it but I still get flashing power button on smasung lcd monitor when I run the dvi cable, problem is my radeon video card is dvi only. vga to dvi does not make a difference on the video card, seems only onboard is working right now, my friend checked my video card and it ran fine in his computer.

Please help.
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  1. DVI to VGA? Absolutely not, it does not matter to the card. It should be fine with that. My first guess would be to reset the CMOS. Just be carefull to remember the settings in the BIOS cause you will have to enter setup and replace all the original settings. (settings will go to defult) this is sometimes good to do when you install a new graphics GPU or if the BIOS suddenly has problems recognizing hardware.
    If you need detaled instructions to print just post back
  2. Oh and try to DISABLE the onboard video on your chipset. sometimes it will conflict when it is set to auto detect. and then ENABLE the PCI-E Video and save, exit, restart. etc.
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