Skype while playing games (or mic while playing games)

I first noticed this problem while playing Starcraft 2. I have an Abit IP35 Pro Mobo that has on-board sound. I have a pair of Logitech Pure-Fi speakers connected to the line out of my mobo. When other teammates speak on their microphone, the sounds in Starcraft 2, all drop in sound to nothing while the person is speaking, and then come back as they stop speaking.

Similarly, when my wife uses Skype and Puzzle Pirates with her friends, the music goes out.

Is there a setting to change this somewhere? Or if this the nature of on-board sound? Thanks.
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  1. Odd...the Realtek ALC888 (the audio chipset on the board) shouldn't be acting like that; its got plenty of audio channels to spare...

    Might just be those programs though; I know games tend to lower audio when VOIP is used in game, and its possible Skype is doing something simmilar (I've never used Skype, so I don't know if thats what its doing or not).
  2. There is a setting (either in skype or windows) that tells the other audio to drop a certain percentage when you've got a voip call. Post your OS, and someone should be able to help you out.
  3. SC2 has an in-game setting that drops the volume of all other sounds while another person speaks. I'm guessing this behaviour is perfectly normal. You can set the percentage of the background volume if you like.
  4. Thanks! I found the option and that seems to be working out.
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