Graphic problems in sli.

Im running windows 7 64 bit with 2 gtx 260 cards in and 4 gig of memory (ddr2 corsair dominator) and a corsair tx 750w psu.Since ive put my 2nd card in place i get part way through modern warfare 2 and the screen goes blank and on the odd occasion it blue screens with an error about recovering graphics drivers or something as it goes off quickly .can anyone help with this problem please ?? .
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  1. Do both card work fine simultaneously ?
  2. My first card has ran ok since i got it and since ive installed the 2nd card it was ok at first then it started to blank screen but i could still hear the game running and when i pressed control alt delete the game came back on ,other times its gone off and blue screened then restarted ,i will try this newer card on its own and see if its that .thanks for the reply.
  3. Right ive tried the first card that came with my machine and no problems at all .I put the newest card in and it crashes after about 5 mins .Does this mean the card is faulty its a xfx gtx 260 216 core edition .??
  4. Are both cards the same ? (GTX 216 SPs) also does the second card(new one) crashes in single mode?
  5. one card is a gtx 192 core and the other is a gtx 216 core .Yes i tried it on its own and it runs for a bit then crashes .
  6. First of all you can't SLI a GTX 192 core with a GTX 216 because the cards have to be the same(if you want to know more,read the SLI/CF FAQ, link is in my sig)
    And if the GTX 216 crashes alone, then it might be a faulty card
  7. I contacted xfx before i bought this card and they said as long as its a gtx 260 you can sli any of them .But yeh its looking like the card as it blank screens on its own as a single card too .thanks .
  8. oops my mistake,i double checked the SLI compatibility and you can SLI a GTX 260 192 SP with a 216 SP model,(it will perform like 2 GTX 260 192 SP),Sorry about my mistake.(Edited my post)
    But like i said if the new cards crashes in single mode,then it could be faulty
  9. lol no worries m8 thankyou for you input and knowledge much appreciated .
  10. No problem,glad i could help
  11. Hello just to clarify what the problem was with my xfx gtx 260 card .I bought the 2nd card off ebay and unfortunatly it was a faulty one .I registered the card with xfx and asked numerous questions about the card and i must admit xfx was very very helpful indeed. In the end i sent the card to them for testing and they gave me over £100 for the faulty card and i had to purchase another from there xfx site ,they do refurbished cards with a 12 month warranty.I ended up with a better card an xfx gtx black edition overclocked for £30 IN THE BOX WITH A FREE GAME AND ALL DRIVERS AND CABLES LIKE BRAND NEW .....
    I would recomend XFX support . :)
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