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Hi all

I built a new rig a few months back and i used a q9300 from a previous build instead of upgrading. I got a new heatsink and fan for it as well but i never really tested it much since i havent had a chance to use it much. Im a student so my laptop suits me better right now. But the other day when i was looking at HWmonitor at idle temps i got the following readings over a period of a few minutes:

core 0 = 47-49
core 1 = 44-45
core 2 = 44-45
core 3 = 47-49

I decide to run prime 95 for 15 minutes and the temps ended at:

core 0 = 64
core 1 = 60
core 2 = 61
core 3 = 65

It looks like core 0 and core 3 are running 3-5 degrees C hotter. In task manager they all were at 100% durning prime 95 and when idling 0 and 3 dont work any harder then 1 and 2. Is this normal in anyway?

Also the heat sink fan im using is a tower kind of hsf. I screwed it in all the way but i noticed that it kinda "hangs" or leans slightly (very very slightly) downwards. Could thsi cause the hsf to lose some contact with half the cpu?

And are these temps normal? not sure of my ambient temps, the ac is set to 76 but its the hottest room in the house so im estimating about 80 F for ambient temp.
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  1. All those temps are normal. The leaning of the cooler is probably the mobo flexing from the weight.
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    Normal; two cores tend to be 5-10C warmer then the others while doing work.
  3. I agree. My Q9400 does the same thing, save for the fact that cores 1 and 3 tend to run a bit hotter than cores 2 and 4 when engaged.
  4. Alright then I'm reassured that my cpu is running normal. Thanks everyone!
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