I7-950 for $199

FYI, at MicroCenter Cambridge yesterday, they sold me a i7-950 for the sale price of the out of stock i7-930. I'll finish the build, then try my hand at over clocking on the GA-x58A-UD3R MB. Slow memory, mid-range CPU and MB... this will be the Subaru WRX of systems - high performance, but I'm a little ashamed to tell people it was done with cheap off the shelf parts.
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  1. Great for you!
  2. Crap I just bought mine at the same store for $225. Hope you like the mb I love my ud5 you should have np getting 4 ghz at 20 * 200
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    Awesome deal.. Lucky guy.. Enjoy your build anyway.. The Gigabyte UD3R is not a particularly excellent motherboard but nevertheless, it should do well.. All the best..
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