2000 Dollar Gaming Build

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: within the next two weeks, sooner rather than later

BUDGET RANGE: 2100 After tax

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Gaming, all else is of consequence

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: All is required



PARTS PREFERENCES: Intel Nvidia, Full tower, Best airflow possible and good space management

OVERCLOCKING: Rather not mess with that, may in the future so include a heatsink/cooler for that

SLI OR CROSSFIRE: in the future when extra performance is warranted

MONITOR RESOLUTION: Would like 1920 by 1200, what is the difference with that and 1080p?

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: Window would be nice, monitor must have 2 ms response time, Windows 7 home premium is within the budget, no fancy lights required, easy to open case would be appreciated.

Was thinking a i7 930 with a GTX 480 type build or get everything and wait for new gfx card to come out then install that to game.
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  1. Feel free to use the budget and go for the i7 930 and GTX 480...
    I will get another GTX 480 in the future so would like the i7. Also the monitor isn't good enough. Case looks great and if possible what would be a good heatsink for the GPU (GTX 480) to help keep it cool?
    Thank you.
    To clarify:
    California, USA :D
  2. Mr Pizza said:

    That looks good, I think I'll do the whole build then wait for that to come out and grab it...
    Also, the mobo, grab a USB 3.0 one for futureproofing, otherwise rest of build looks nice!
  3. Mr Pizza said:

    Perfect, and only 50 bucks more than the other mobo. Care to find a good keyboard mouse for gaming that's as cheap as possible :)
  4. Best answer
    um, well I don't know what you would like for gaming ;) but I am very happy that I helped you! :D best answer? :o
    a keyboard,

    and w/e mouse you want :P
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