Samsung BX2450 24" vs Gateway FHX2402L 24"

Which one you guys suggest? The Gateway is still fairly new and I couldn't really find any good reviews. I'm wondering is the extra $60-$70 worth it for the Samsung and if they are comparable in color and contrast.
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  1. You really have to see it yourself to judge picture quality. Look for a three year no restrictions warranty. Some limit the backlight to one year. My first lcd failed at exactly two years, so the one year warranty didn't help me. The back must have been glued on or vacuum sealed. I couldn't remove it without destroying the plastic. So I gave it to goodwill.
  2. I have had the samsung BX2450 for about a month now. I am completely happy with it and can't find any faults.

    I went with samsung as I have a few friends that have used em for tvs/monitors and all are completely happy with the brand.

    The 2ms response, hdmi, and other features along with the LED backlight made me buy it even though I bought it in between the sale price and paid £35 extra. I just couldn't find anything to beat it at the price range it was at.
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