How to sawp my primary HDD with a new Hybrid Drive and use the HDD as the second

So I bought a HP Pavillion DV7t 6100 Quad Series about 2 months ago. It came with 4gb of RAM and a small 250gb HDD. Recently I bought some upgrades, a 16gb Corsair Vengence RAM kit and a new Corsair 500gb Momentus XT hard drive. I installed the new RAM easily and made a big difference in performance. I didn't install the hard drive right away because I had to order the 2nd hard drive cable kit for my laptop. Now that I have the cable kit I was going to install it in the seconday but thought to myself that it would make more sense to use it as the primary but I don't know how to copy my current primary HDD to this new Drive. As for now I want to use the new drive as my primary with everything that is on my old one obviously including the Windows 7 that is instlalled on it. Then I'd use the old 250gb drive as my secondary until I get a bigger 1,2 or 3TB hard drive as the secondary. Can someone please help me on how to properly copy my primary drive to my new drive and install it (them). The only decent info I have gotten yet is from Corsair's site which says to use DiscWizard. IS this the way to go or is there a better way?
Thanks for any help, hopefully this is an easy answer.
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  1. that was the right answer see this how to proceed
  2. Wil DiscWizard clone my drive or just backup my files? I want my OS and all software/programs to go with...

    Thank you much for the reply.
  3. if you use the clone disc process it should copy everything look and read it on the link
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