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Overheat phenom II x4 955 black edition

Hello everyone....I've been using phenom II x4 955 black edition for about a year.... the temp. at that time reached 50C idle and about 70C when I played a game. Then 4 months ago I bought vga gigabyte hd 5870, so I wanted to check its capability, I played The Settlers 7 and I set it to highest, then after +- 30 minutes my pc shut off!
Afterward I checked it in bios' pc health, it showed 57 C idle, then I checked it with SpeedFan, the core temp. reached 80C at full load (it reached 85-90C when I played Medal of Honor then it automatically shut off, I used room fan to cool it down)
So what's the problem here? is it BIOS error? or hardware malfunction?
Plz anyone help me, I'm afraid it will damage my entire hardware system
(MB DFI LP DK 790FXB M3H5, RAM Corsair 4 gigs, HDD Seagate 1TB, PSU enlight 650)
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  1. Those temps are to high for the CPU, Idle at 50°C is to high. Is the Heat sink properly installed on the CPU?
  2. yea...the heat sink's installed properly...I've checked it, do u have any suggestion what's wrong here? it's so confusing
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    Yeah, buy some zero-therm thermal paste. I was reaching hi temps under load like 75c and I took my zalman 9700 off and cleaned the old paste off (that came with my zalman) and applied Zero-Therm. Now under 100% load I think i'm hitting 62c.
    Edit: anything above 63c is considered by me too hot.
  4. Didn't change a thing. Removed cpu, cleaned with thermal paste remover, applied zero-therm and instant drops. Every thing went back the same way it was taken apart. When you compare the thermal paste that comes with the Zalman heastsink (like a paint almost) to zero-therm (a thick paste) I would say that there is a big difference in cooling effect between the two.
  5. thnx guys...finally I have the courage to take my pc to reparation center n then they find the problem, which is the processor, it produces too high temp. above the normal temp.
    thnx god too it's still guaranteed so I just have to return my processor to the supplier with its box, heheh, thnx a lot for ur advices..all of u....have good day :D
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  7. No problem, have a good one.
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