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Has any one ever bought refurbished product??? I am looking at getting a refurbed case and cpu cooling fan and a power supply. All products are thermaltake. are these products ok to buy refurbed?
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  1. I have never personally bought a refurbished product but I used a refurbhished motherboard and power supply for My Dad's build and is still going strong. I won't recommended it but they should be good to go, specially the Case and CPU Fan. I might think twice on the PSU.. 1) a refurbished PSU, 2) Thermaltake brand, which isn't the best anyways.
  2. Thank You Tecmo34

    I like the TT because I am getting 850 watts for 120 bucks (can) and its Crossfired Certifed. I havent really heard that many bad things aboout TT PSU.

    Thermaltake W0319RU 850W
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