Remove Existing HD, and Place It in Another Computer

I currently have 2 500GB hard drives on my computer. I would like to move my secondary hard drive to another computer. How would I go ahead and do so?

I use my secondary drive for games and storage (ie - media, documents...). Would I have to uninstall all of my games and delete my storage files, then physically disconnect the hard drive from my current computer? Do I have to do any sort of configurations in Windows to let it know that I have disconnected the drive?
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    You don't have to delete anything, but the games won't run on the new machine since they don't have the registry entries to operate properly -- unless they are Steam games -- they can be moved easily ( ).

    Once the drive is attached to the new machine, just delete the stuff that does not work, but your data should be usable if you have the correct programs on the new machine to read that file type.

    Just turn off the computer, disconnect the drive, attach to the new machine and turn it on.
  2. How about my current computer? Will Windows complain that it is missing a drive?
  3. icu222much said:
    How about my current computer? Will Windows complain that it is missing a drive?

    It will when you try to start any application(or game) that is on that drive. Windows itself will be fine.
  4. Will it be better if I uninstall all of my games and such?
  5. By the number of times you asked if you should uninstall, it sounds like you WANT to uninstall everything. If you WANT to go ahead, but there will be no harm in swapping it over straight up, your games probably wont work in the new comp, but you may be able to go to add/remove programs and repair them <--- not sure if it works for games.

    So in summary: NO you DO NOT HAVE to uninstall anything.

    I think your overthinking it, be like NIKE and just do it.
  6. ^ +1

    You are over thinking it, just do it. :)
  7. Lol. Cool, thanks. I just don't want anything to go wrong as I'm giving my old computer to my parents who are computer illiterate :)
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  9. One more question. When do I install my current hard drive onto my new computer? Do I do it before or after I have installed my OS?
  10. I generally do my installs, to SSD or HDD, with only one drive in to force Windows 7 to put the SRP on the same drive as the operating system. Then I add all the storage drives after the initial install is done.
  11. SRP? Secure Remote Protocol, or System Restore Point?
  12. System Reserved Partition -- windows 7 uses it to keep the bootloader and such. It is hidden but you can see it in disk management as a 100Mb partition.
  13. Cool, thanks for the tips!
  14. not possibel sory
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