Windows 7 ratings new build!

new Build

intel X25 80gb SSD
2x 1tb Samsumg spinpoint f3
i7 930
asus p6x58d premium mobo
6gb corsair xms3 ram

My ratings in win 7 are:
processor 7.5
RAM 7.8
Graphics 7.7
Gaming graphics 7.7
Primary HD 7.8

Do those numbers sound right for this build?
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  1. Yes... It sounds right!!
  2. Just wanted to Thank everyone on these forums. I went into this kind of blind and was able to get my computer set up perfectly. YOU ALL ROCK ALONG WITH MY NEW COMPUTER!
  3. well hot damn, the graphics should be the highest :lol:
  4. Hmm. My 5870 is a 7.8. I woulda figured your 5970 would be a 7.9. Go figure.
  5. NOOB TOOBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^^^^^^^^

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