How can I recover files from a broken hard drive.

I recently dropped my hard drive, and now when I plug it into my laptop, the hard drive makes a quiet, beeping noise, and my laptop does not recognise it. I have many important files on there, including university essays, a lot of work etc. Is there any way I can fix this problem or recover my files? Thanks
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  1. It will cost some money(maybe a lot of money), but if the drive is mechanically broken(and is quite possibly is), then you best option to recover any useful data is to send it to a company that specializes in data recovery from failed hard drives. They can take the drive apart (in a clean room),remove the platters, and pull files from the actual platters. It can be expensive though.
  2. I've had good luck with Recuva getting a lot of things off a dying hard drive. It's very possible, however, that your hard drive is too far gone. It's super crucial to back up important files.
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