Using cpu fan and heatsink from socket 939 on am3

When i got my case it came with a socket 939 board and heatsink and fan. Of course i replaced all of that stuff but it seems like the 939 cooler might be a little better. It has the copper pipes and a bigger fan on it. It looks like it will mount better also. Is it possible for me to use this instead of the stock cooler that came with my athlon II x4 AM3?
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  1. if it fits, try it out. That's the only thing to do. Alternatively you could post a picture of it, and someone could answer more precisely if it will be adequate at cooling the cpu you have.
  2. Most probably, it wont work out.. Socket 939 coolers are not compatible with AM3 (atleast as far as i know)..
  3. Here are the pics of it. Thanks for looking

    According to this it will work for am2 processors.

    but then on this one it says for cpu's up to 2.0ghz
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