My new ssd drive has a slow data transfer rate. why?

I just updated from xp 32 bit to windows 7 pro by installing a new SSD hard drive. i have updated my BIOS, installed over 108 Microsoft updates and the computer runs very slowly. help.
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  1. we will need a little more information than that.

    what CPU?
    how much Ram?
    make/model/size of the SSD?

    is it plugged into a SATA 2 or 3 slot? Either should feel pretty snappy, but SSD on SATA1 could feel a might bit sluggish.

    Are you running in IDE, RAID, or AHCI? AHCI is what you want for max performance. RAID can work well too if you are on a newer Intel motherboard that allows TRIM commands to pass though.
  2. Also, what is the brand and model of your motherboard?
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