How would I know if I damaged my gpu vrms?

So, being the total idiot that I am, I fell asleep while OCCT gpu was running.
6 hours later I woke up and turned it off, and checked afterburner to see my GPU had been running at NINETY FIVE DEGREES CELSIUS!

Which I know is under the threshold for my GPU (Sapphire HD 5770 Vapor-X)
This happened about a week and a half ago, and I've put a good 60 hours into games since then, with no stability issues, no odd sounds coming from PC, no freezing, performance issues, etc.
But it still has me worried.
I think I've established that the VRM's aren't damaged, but I'm worried now that I either minorly damaged them and they are wearing, or I significantly decreased the lifespan of the VRM's themselves.

I'm not sure if the vapor-x card has vrm cooling on it. I assume it does, but I still am not sure.
What I want to know though, is if the VRM's were above their threshold for 6 hours, I would've damaged them for sure, right?

Argh :(
I would check the VRM temps but it is a non reference card so I cannot check the VRM temps :(
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  1. They will use SOlid Capacitors, with a 50000hrs life spam, yes u might a knocked a few dozn hours off it life, but it will still vastly out live any possible usefullness
  2. You would know if you damaged the card! It was working within the thermal limit so it should be fine.
  3. So, did you checked it with some games? If it working normal then don't worry about that... :)
  4. If games are running fine I wouldn't worry, the Vapor-X is a top-notch GPU, very high quality.
    Just keep an eye on it for a week, if nothing happens I think it's safe.
  5. wa1 said:
    So, did you checked it with some games? If it working normal then don't worry about that... :)

    Yeah, I've put around 60ish hours into games since doing this, and I've had no crashes or freezes, or any general system instability.

    I'm pretty sure the VRM's are fine, but I think I got off REALLY lucky.
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