System Not Booting up ! Problem with Processor or Motherboard?

Hi friends!

My system is not booting today morning after working fine on last night.

It doesn't boot or beep or no fans spinning or giving any signs of working.

Actually i have installed a case fan which has some fancy led's. When
i press the power button , the led's just flash once and then off's.

Apart from this i can't observe anything.

There is no problem with the power supply unit because i checked it
with a brand new psu.

Its a intel Dual Core Processor based system.

Motherboard - Gigabyte 945 GZME

its 3 years old system.

There was overheating problem with the cpu (idle temperature around 50
c and on 50% load 65 - 70 c and 80 - 85 on 100% load) and some
processor socket problem in the motherboard, which i serviced.

The m/b was not quiet stable , it was causing frequent problems and i
serviced it atleast 3 times in the last 1 year.

Now it is dead. My question is

1. Do you think that there is any problem with the processor since it overheats?

2. Can i assume that the overheating problem is because of the faulty
motherboard and can i buy a new motherboard for this overheating
processor? i tried replacing new heatsinks also, butstill it has overheating issues.

3. My friends telling that if there is any problem with the processor
, it won't work completly? Is it true? Will a defective processor work
with some overheating problem?

Thanks for taking time to read this lengthy query!

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  1. I also tried replacing BIOS Batteries and Reset BIOS.

    I tried disconnecting all sata cables from M/B.

    Nothing worked.

    I am sick with this problamatic motherboard.

    Can i go on and buy a New Motherboard for the Intel Dual Core processor?


    If you advise there will be problem with the processor , i will buy a AMD based system (M/B + Processor ) !

    Which option will you recommend ?
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