I need help choosing the Best Airflow Case I was looking into the atcs and haf x but the haf seems to be made for water cooling. Please help, I would appreciate any help and or input from everyone. I am never going to using water cooling so as stated above just want the best air cooling case. Ive had the antec 1200 in another build and hated it so yea.
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  1. HAF922/32!
  2. The best airflow case I know of is the lian li PC X1000

    It has 3 140mm filtered front input fans and is quiet, even with the fans on high.
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    The only case(s) developed with the primary vision of a water cooled setup are the Corsair 800D/700D.. Rest all cases have water cooling as a provision and/or feature.. Having said that, the HAF-X is great for building up a rig solely left on the mercy of being air cooled.. If you can get past its looks, there are not many (if any) close competitors for its asking price (possibly the Lian-Li PC A70F)..
  4. I have to second the HAF cases. They are very open cases with huge fans and room for many more.
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  6. HAF all the way.
  7. Silverstone Fortress 2!
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