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I was wondering if this seemed like a decent computer for the price as well as finding out if all the parts will be compatible. I was looking for a decent, yet somewhat future-proof gaming computer. I chose the ddr3 ram, quad core cpu, and crossfire ready mobo. I will be ordering the parts from newegg. Thanks for the feedback!

case- antec 900

psu- antec earthwatts 750w

mobo- msi 790x

cpu- amd phenom II x4

video card- HIS radeon 4850

ram- g.skill ripjaws 4gig ddr3

Edit: I meant to say I want to keep the parts and shipping below $800. Also, any suggestions for replacement parts is welcome, I've never actually purchased my own parts for a computer, but I know some parts may be a better bang for my buck.
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  1. If i were u i'd go single GPU rather than consider CF a pair of dated HD 4850s on a fresh build...
  2. Like I said, I'm pretty new to this. Do you have any suggestions for video cards under $150?
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