Ati or nvidia for video editing/3d modeling?

hello, i'm wondering if any major editing program utilizes ati's video cards. also, do you know if autodesk's alias will run smoothly with ati cards? i have a 5770 right now, but i'm wondering about selling that and saving up for a beefier nvidia card (maybe the fermi series)

i'm kinda leaning with nvidia because adobe just released premiere cs5, which is only compatible with CUDA.
your thoughts?
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  1. If primary function is as a workstation, why are you buying gaming cards? Quadro is for that...
  2. they cost a lot, and it'd be nice if i could game and work on the same computer.
    also quadros seem really expensive.. i can probably save up 400 tops.
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  4. I'd have to second a Quadro FX (Not NVS.)
    There's many reasons, but they put out a solid framerate, which is necessary when recording 3D animation.
    Also, my FX2500 plays WOW better than any gaming card I've yet tried comparitive settings. Full detail, 1600x1200 - solid 50+fps (on a Dell M90 laptop no less).

    I remember ATI does have their FireGL or FirePro lines that are supposed to be comparable, though I've never used one...

    of course, that'd be if money were no object... However, other itterations of each brand, FireGL / FirePro or Quadro still do hold their own very well; I used to talk with someone close to nVidia, whom hinted that the Quadro-brand is the next step (or sometimes 2 steps ahead) of their GF-lineup.
    A Quadro FX 770 should be in the $150-range and could do 3D fairly well.
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