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What is mouse macro recording

just bought microsoft sidwinder mouse which has macro recording button. just wondering what i would use that for or how i would go about using it
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    Macro's are used to string multiple key press commands into one button press. For example pressing Cntrl+Alt+Delete to enter Windows Task Manager with one key press to represent them all at once. So anything that you do on a normal basis that requires you to press a combination of keys, you can create a macro for it on your mouse and do the same with just one click.

    But keep in mind some marco recorders limit use of the modifier keys like cntrl, alt, shift ect. I do not have a Microsoft mouse but if anything like Logitech there should be software with your mose that allows you to change setting/options and also within that software record any macros you would want to use and assing them to a button on your mouse.
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