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Hello, I'm having a deep trouble about CD Rom.

I input this CD Rom to my CD Drive and somehow, it shows that the CD Drive has some space used. But when I opened it, there's nothing in it. It's supposed to contain photos that were given by someone else. Can anybody help on how to retrieve it? I'll post some screenshots below (if I could).

I've tried this on many computers, and it shows the same thing.

Here are some of the screenshots:
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  1. rgd1101 said:

    I assume you Googled that.. Because that was the first article that I read (It doesn't help since it was a self-burned CD). I only ask here in Tom's Hardware as a last resort if I couldn't find anything on the internet, and expecting an expert in this area with experience to help me.

    I appreciate the assistance with the article, but I did read that the first time when Googling and it doesn't help at all. I'm using Windows 8 myself, and opening the CD on multiple PCs with both Windows 8 and 7 shows up the same thing.
  2. It's solved now. What I did was to use PowerArchiver to create a complete ISO file from the disc.

    Somehow there were to ISO images created. One containing the pictures that I was looking for, the other ISO file is empty.

    I assume that there were two different formats, one UDF (the current empty one) and one other format (the one with the photos). And Windows can only read the disc with the current format. Hence the empty CD, yet some of the capacity is used.

    Correct me if I'm wrong please. Thanks again :)
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