Bulldozers 'Flex FP' Superior to Sandy Bridges FPU?

Im not saying this is a fact, but it may be the case according to this recent blog from JF:
Read the whole thing, theres alot of info.
Specifically this part:
"One of these new instruction set extensions, AVX, can handle 256-bit FP executions. Now, let’s be clear, there is no such thing as a 256-bit command. Single precision commands are 32-bit and double precision are 64-bit. With today’s standard 128-bit FPUs, you execute four single precision commands or two double precision commands in parallel per cycle. With AVX you can double that, executing eight 32-bit commands or four 64-bit commands per cycle – but only if your application supports AVX. If it doesn’t support AVX, then that flashy new 256-bit FPU only executes in 128-bit mode (half the throughput). That is, unless you have a Flex FP."

Does this mean Bulldozer's FPU will be faster than Sandy Bridges in non AVX mode?
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  1. Faster: IDK, larger: YES!
  2. I guess, but if BD gets it...BA-BOOM!
  3. Well BD seems really different, and i dont think we can use what we know to make accurate performance predictions.
  4. We cant make predictions, squat!
  5. Eh its fun though! Personally im hoping BD can be another Athlon 64. And also i wouldnt assume its only going to have 8 cores (4 modules) max for desktop. It could be like Thuban which came out of nowhere basically and managed to fit those 6 cores onto the chip. And JF mentioned many times that having another core per module doesnt really increase die size too much.
  6. Enlighten me on the adventures of the Athlon 64. Was is an x86 64 CPU? 2003? A golden day for AMD? If it is, I'm with ya'!
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