Had any one knows anything about price dizzy?

I'm going to upgrade to the Core i7 platform and I came acrose the Core i7 930 at Pricedizzy.com. I have no idea if this is a legidt retailer as I never herd of it. The core i7 930 is $249.99. So I'm wondering what to expect. http://www.pricedizzy.com/servlet/the-862/i7-930-intel-processor/Detail
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  1. Unknown online vendors are scary.

    maybe you get some scam Chinese counterfeit chip of something from those weird places

    then good luck getting your money back

    newegg has it for 288 with free shipping.

    tigerdirect has it for 289 with dirt2 free (pay shipping)
  2. I wouldnt trust it, their "about us" and "customer service" pages leave me doubting their legitimacy or at least their qualifications. When your customer support email doesnt share the same domain as you i dont trust you.
  3. They are absolutely terrible. Do not order from them, you'll be wasting your time and money. I tried ordering a netbook from them, at first it seemed OK I got a confirmation email and a request to have the payment sent through PayPal. After almost a week they hadn't sent any other confirmations or tracking info. I tried emailing them and calling both pricedizzy and their parent company Anrass Inc, they never answer their phones, or respond to messages and emails. I even spoke with Paypal and asked them to contact pricedizzy and still no reply. Their customer service is non-existent and they do not deliver anything. They will totally rip you off. Do not buy from either Anrass Inc or PriceDizzy
  4. Same here. Bought a i5k intel CPU for $219, it's been 20 days and no product, no communication. I called, I emailed, and I reported the transaction with paypal. still in the process of getting my money back. Don't buy from pricedizzy.com, they're crooks.
  5. microcenter has the 960 for $249 and they are reputable.
    the 950 is $199 <shock>
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