Pentium M 770 - Underclocking potential?

My Dell Inspiron 9300 laptop currently has a Pentium M 760, running at about 2.0 Ghz. Unfortunately, the fan noise on this thing is so irritating, especially for a laptop, that I listen to music most of the time just to drowned it out. (And constant headphone use, even at low volume, probably isn't good for my ears.)

About a year ago I took the system apart to use compressed air to blow the dust out. This seemed to help. But the fans always did seem to be running nearly constantly. And today it's noisier than ever, even with a cooling pad sucking the heat away underneath. Recently, the fans sound a bit irregular, with sputtering. (I think the fans need to be replaced.)

My Question

I'm thinking of replacing the Pentium M 760 inside with a Pentium M 770, then underclocking the latter to 2.0 Ghz or less. But will underclocking a 770 from 2.13 to around 2.0 Ghz significantly reduce heat and, thus, the frequency of fan operation?

Any thoughts on underclocking the old Pentium M group to reduce wattage and heat?

[PS: I've read a tip that suggested adding Arctic Silver thermal grease on both the CPU and GPU - in addition to the thermal pads that Dell uses. The claim is that this alone should improve cooling. But even then, I would like to reduce noise further. And if I disassemble that far, I might as well do a chip replacement then.]
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  1. Even without underclocking, dropping cpu voltage on your current chip will have a big impact. (Be sure to test for stability, blah blah blah.)

    How are you underclocking? I can't imagine a laptop bios lets you. What can you adjust (colts, base, multiplier, fan speed...)

    Is the noise (or fan RPM if you have access to it) dropping at ide, or is it a constant speed?

    You won't see much of a difference with a 770, I wound't bother with replacing the CPU.
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