Laptop to Samsung TV HDMI Issues

So I have been using my TV as my monitor to watch movies and play games for about a year now. Then my friend comes over and we wanna watch something on the big screen in the other room. That works fine as well. He leaves and I go back to my TV and I can't get the HDMI signal to work. No picture shows up. Just a "check signal cable" message.

So far i have tried two different HDMI cables, both of which i have confirmed to be working on the offending TV with my PS3. I have updated my video driver. I have tried all sorts of different resolution settings. I have taken my laptop and hooked it up to another display via HDMI and it works. I have taken my brothers laptop which is almost identical to mine (both gateway, look exactly the same except mine is a p-6831fx and his is a slightly different model number) and hooked it up to my TV and that works too. So basically:

my TV + not my laptop = works

my laptop + not my TV = works

My TV + my laptop = not works

I just don't understand what could be wrong. Especially since it has worked flawlessly for such a long time. Any ideas or maybe a setting I am missing?
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  1. Try rebooting your notebook with HDMI connected.
  2. Hi, just wondering if you managed to sort out the problem? I have the same trouble in that, I have been connecting my acer aspire 7720G laptop to my samsung 50" HDTV for the past year with no problems using an HMDI to DVI cable with a seperate audio jack in order to watch movies from my laptop. Then out of the blue, I went to connect it one day last week and instead of the TV automatically switching to the correct HDMI/DVI source channel, the screen just displays the message 'no signal'. The TV always plays a little melody whenever you connect an external source and it still does this, so I can only assume there is nothing actually wrong with the cable as some sort of signal must be going through for the TV to recognise it. It is really annoying!! I would appreciate any advice to help sort this out...
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