I need a case with psu in australia

i need a case with psu in australia for under $100 that has a side window and a 500 watt psu thanks
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  1. Well, you can check them out here.....

    They're Australian so, you'll manage to find the stuff there.
    Also you need to know what is the form factor of your Mobo to get the best looking, cooling and handy Case.....
  2. if you get the psu with the case 99% of the time its just junk, and that 500w will NOT be a true 500w

    in AUD i doubt you will get a decent case and a branded psu for $100, hell most branded decent 500w PSU's go for atleast 60-80 AUD

    think you need to rethink your budget
  3. I am also from australia and I dont think you will find anything like that for under $100 with a decent PSU. A 500w psu worth buying generally will cost you a little under $100. Heres what a decent 500w PSU will cost http://www.allneeds.com.au/category115_1.htm

    for just over $100 The best case with side window + PSU (430w) you will get is this one http://www.allneeds.com.au/prod346.htm
    The PSU would be enough to run a quad core system with low-mid range vid card (eg. ati 5670)
  4. ok thanks
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