New build - i7 940 nightmare

ok- i have an evga E758-A1 motherboard and an i7 940 cpu. i put everything together and it doesn't power on. i read in the manual that there are suppose to be three lights on- blue meaning continuous power supply to the mobo, yellow upon powering up and green for memory slots being functional. only the blue light is on. no fans, no reading on the digital thing,no response. my first thought was maybe the power supply is wrong for this board? it is a corsair tx650w and it seems to be a solid psu! another thought is perhaps a bad case?
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  1. The case would have no reason as to why it won't boot up, unless you shorted it as you forgot the motherboard standoffs. Are you sure the board is even on, if not fans or LEDs light up? Did you remember to connect ALL the sockets, including the eight pin CPU?
  2. agreed ^ make sure you put your standoffs before you installed the motherboard, make sure you connected the 8/4 pin connector for the CPU, motherboard power.. try with 1 stick of ram.. try flipping the case pwr wire around and see if that works :)
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