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Hi all sorry to ask but i have a HTPC as well and want to use these drives as single drives would a red be better or a green ?

there are a couple of questions

would a green respond faster than a red when waking up from sleep ? would it hang a littile on the reds more than the green or would it be no different .I use my htpc in sleep mode alot and when it comes out of sleep its stright onto the desktop as my htpc has samsung f4 and dont take long to kick in.

another question is the greens have a reported problem of having head parking problems and can reduce the life of the drive and thast also the same on the new green 1tb per platter. is this true ? as the reds dont have head parking.

thanks for any help
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  1. The "head parking" of a green is not so much a problem as it is a feature, these are supposed to be low power efficient drives.

    If you are going to use it as a storage drive (take it is for movies and pictures) in a non-raid configuration, a wd green is a perfectly fine drive for such a task.

    I have used them in several builds for just such a configuration for years, and have yet to see one fail, streaming one movie while simultaneously recording another have worked perfectly fine.
  2. For an HTPC you may want to use their A/V drives instead. They are made for this purpose.

  3. thanks

    but i was looking at the green or red models but can not make my mind up
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