Fractal Design Define R3 vs Lian Li Lancool PC-K62

Hey guys,
I know these aren't the most comparable cases, but does anyone know (preferably from experience) how the two compare? As the R3 isn't really available in the US, I'm trying to do a bit more research before making a final decision.
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    Fractal vs Lancool.!! Should be easy.. Ok, its Lancool all the way.. Reasons -

    - Better build quality.
    - Better cooling.
    - More spacing and better cable management options.
    - This point is subjective to user's view but IMO, it looks also better.
  2. The Fractals look ace, but I really don't see how those front fans can draw any air in behind filters, soundproofing and a door.

    Lancool all the way - it is a Lian Li after all.
  3. Looks like it's unanimous. Thanks guys.
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  5. Just a little FYI here: Fractal cases are mainly aimed at modders. If you spend some time at a few modding sites you'll see that the Fractal cases are quite popular for modding. Many consider it to be a blank canvas.
  6. I dunno, I'm in love with the R3 and I'm about to order me one.. no joke. Only concern is minorly the airflow, but that can be easily fixed with some wiggling, screwdriving and dremelling.
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