Which video card for dual-monitor ?

Hi everyone,

Im in the process of choosing parts for a computer id like to built, here's are my pick so far:

Processor: Intel i5 750
Motherboard: Asus P7P55D Pro
HardDrive: Western Digital Caviar 500GB
Case: CoolerMaster 690 II Advance

Now I need to choose a video card, and I need help !

I dont play computer games, I just want a video card that will run good with my dual-monitor set-up:
1 monitor: LG W2753V (27inchs) with resolution of 1920x1080
2 monitor: BenQ T904 (19inchs) with max resolution of 1280x1024

What would be your choice for a video card ? (Best price/quality ratio meeting my needs)

*Also if you have suggestion for 4G of Ram, they would be welcome!
*Any other comments about my choices are also welcome!

Thanks alot!
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  1. Any card can handle 2 monitors these days. For gaming on the 1920x1080 monitor it really depends on what you want to spend. An HD5770($150) will be pretty good for that resolution while and HD5850 or GTX 470($300-320) would great. If you aren't gaming then something much cheaper like an HD4650 would be fine.

    P.S. If you are in the US this deal for a power supply and/or the combo with the Antec 300 case is very good;
    It is one day only so you would have to order it tonight.
  2. This would be a good choice for the ram;
    DDR3 1600, good brand, $89 after the promo code with free shipping.
  3. Thanks for the inputs.

    Im in Canada, would these be a good choice for ram ?

    Or is that a lower quality one ?
    The store im buying from dont seem to have DDR3 for G.Skill
    Im real newb when it comes to choosing computer parts...
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