while i was searching for a graphic card, i found that, zotac 220 GT got a 3d glasses.

1. so i want to know is the 3D need special monitor or just our old monitor to generate the 3D images with including glasses.
2. and do i need to install 3d driver or just nvidia ordinary nivida drivers for 3d vision.
3. what cards from nvidia and ati do support the 3d technology?

thanks in advance
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  1. You need a 120Hz monitor to do 3D, and a GPU stronger than a 220GT to give you the frame rates you need to still have smooth game play while in 3D. You set up the 3D in the nVidia control panel.

    ATI has its own version but it does not appear to have much support or advertising.
  2. do u mean monitor of more than 120Hz and Graphic card more than 120FPS can produce 3D.

    so how to look the monitor frme rate?

    i have seen an Acer laptop with 3D screen with ATI card (i was not interested it that time, so i do't remember the model, may be acer 5*** laptop), so ati should have the 3d application.

    so plz le me know more about 3D.

    and games and movies need to be 3D version or just ordinary games and movies.

  3. so how can i know my monitor can produce 3D or not?
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