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I just received my new Dell XPS 8100 today with ATi Radeon 5770 card. I've got it connected to an HP w2338h monitor at 1920x1080, but the image does not stretch to the ends fo the display. There's a black bar all around the perimeter of the display. I've played with all the advanced settings, downloaded the latest Catalyst s/w and drivers, to no avail. On HP's website, I saw a similar problem reported with nVidia, and it is corrected with a resizing tool in nVidia's software. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Try the overscan settings in Catalyst.
  2. Do you mean overdrive? Any suggestions on what i could modify that would affect the screen size? I don't know enough to make blind changes here. BTW, the display is fine on my 6 yr old XP PC with 5 yr old GeForce card using either DVI->HDMI or VGA... I also tried DVI->HDMI on the 5770 with the same result
  3. Problem solved, I couldn't find the overscan before. For others who may not be able to find it, you have to right click on the small, lower image of the display under "desktops and displays", select configure..., then go to Scaling Options and adjust overscan there.

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