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I have two Other World Computers RAID boxes that I purchesed almost 3 yrs ago. I would like to obtain additional drives as backup in case of failure for these RAID boxes. OWC doesn't have this drive anymore (Hitachi 2TB) and they say I need to find exactly the same drive, model and firmware. I have a photo of the label that defines this specific drive.
Any ideas on how to find some drives?


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  1. u can find some used and legacy gear onwww.geeks.com
  2. Just google the exact model. Keep in mind though that Hitachi was bought by WD some time ago, ergo they might not even produce the models anymore. They are now called HGST on most sites http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.aspx?Submit=ENE&N=100007603%2050001984&IsNodeId=1&name=HGST
  3. Did OWC say exactly why you need to find exactly the same drive?

    FYI, you could use HDDHackr to make a WD drive identify itself as a Hitachi, with the Hitachi's model number, firmware version, and serial number.
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