First GTX 460 Benchmarks?

I dunno, it seems both performance and pricewise it is right between the HD5830 and GTX 465. Like both of them it is a decent choice if OCed most likely but still not a very good value compared to the HD5770 at $150-160 and the HD5850/GTX 470 at $300-320.
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  1. There are more benchmarks(bunch of games) on the original(japanese) source;
    They show basically the same as the chart above.
  2. I thought I'd seen this somewhere before, you were beaten to the punch mate.
  3. Ah, missed that thread.
  4. looks promising, and the fact that this card is probably more suitable for 1680x1050 or 1920x1080, the 192 bit bus might not be so bad or have BIG effect.

    If the price is $200 then its great news. If its $230 for the 768MB/192 bus then probably only ok. In both cases we might see price drops from ATI. I hope for the $200 price as this will bring 5830 to sub $200 and probably 5850 to where it should be - $230-240

    The thing is we dont know yet what is lost from the original Fermi architecture and whether it will perform so great in tesselation like the 480/470. If it does then it will be a good card.
  5. Now I wonder if 1GB models with a 256-bit bus will basically cannibalize 465 sales. Probably not a good thing for some of the AIBs :D. If it runs cooler and uses less power than the 5830 then it sounds like an absolute winner. It may force lower prices on the 5830, and perhaps 5850, but I don't see it affecting AMD too much.
  6. Mostly the GTX465 was a gap-filler that nV and most AIBs would prefer to replace with something cheaper to make , which the GTX460 should be, so I doubt they will miss the GTX465 much.
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