Final 1000$ Gaming (SC2) Build. Compatability Re-Check

Hey this is Jay, I'm 16 and this is my first and finished build!

:pt1cable: :pt1cable: :pt1cable: 3 Days ago I never looked at computer parts in my life and thanks to this site I feel like a true Asian :love: I've learnt a helluva lot of stuff in the past 3 days and would like to thank all of you for it.

*Special Thanks* to GKAY for helping me get started, Mr. Pizza for helping me pick the decisions that I wanted! and COLDSLEEP For teaching me a couple things I didn't know

TomsHardware 2 Thumbs up, 5 eggs and Starcraft 2 on Ultra!!! Will be back in a couple of years to buy a geforce Gtx 770 in a i11!
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  1. MANY RAD FLAGS.....No Caviar Green, man! --- Those things are just storage grade junk!!!

    Go with - SAMSUNG Spinpoint F3 HD103SJ 1TB or even Cavier Blue / Black. Though the Black's performance gain does'nt reall justify it's premium pricing.

    Your mobo does'nt support DDR3 1600 w/o OC. it's just gonna run at a downgraded 1333. So either get a different mobo or change your RAM to more expensive DDR3 1333 CL7 for roughly the same performance as DDR3 1600 CL9.

    BTW, nice Firefox theme, though :D
  2. Alright, I was going with it for the combo deal but I will change to F3 spin.
    Don't need the CD-Drive, can get one at work :P
    but about the mobo!
    The Asus evo also doesn't show support for 1600, Correct me if I'm wrong, the Gigabyte has a bit better reviews for 20$ cheaper with similar specs. If you tell me to go with the asus tho, I will!
    Jeez youre killing me with the gpu :P 1gb 5770? I don't mind the 460 for a 100$ more if it's more future friendly.
  3. yo Everything has a combo deal with OCZ Reaper ram!! Better than G.SKILL?
    btw if I got G.Skill ram I'd get either
    7-8-7-24 1600
    Or if my MOBO doesn't accept 1600 like it says..
    7-7-7-21 1333

    Found another Mobo, same one but instead of 880, 870, cheaper, without the onboard video I don't need, and no second PCI port which I won't be needing as well, also takes 1600 ram.. Any other differences I should know about?
  4. Sorry for Triple post but I am buying this tonight so Please help! as long as the ASUS 880 will take the 1600 ram, I can live with a 20$ difference for better stuff!
  5. kolkim said:
    Jeez youre killing me with the gpu :P 1gb 5770? I don't mind the 460 for a 100$ more if it's more future friendly.
    The 1 GB 460 is not any more 'future friendly' than the 5770. It's just that the 460 is a much more powerful card that hardcore gamers will appreciate.

    Some might not agree with me, but to be honest, RAM brands don't really matter beyond a certain point. They are not really like mobos or GPU's. OCZ, G.Skill, Corsair, Kingston, A Data - they all have proven history and you shouldn't really have reliability issues, unless you're really unlucky. Many of them also offer lifetime warranty on their products.

    Even the performance variation - if any - will only be academic.

    OCZ though I read somewhere, did have a bad batch of late, but has since got over that.

    $100 Asus Mobo with DDR3 1600, SATA 6 GB/s, USB 3.0 - ASUS M4A87TD EVO
  6. Ram doesn't have much difference but I hear that ripjaws are very easy to overclock. plus they look nice, if OCZ reapers are easy as well then I'd love saving 20$
  7. K so the mobos I figured out from reviews and reading
    Gigabyte is harder to overclock
    The 125$ EVO 880 is for SLI/Crossfire, but doesn't take 1600 Memory so I could go with this one and have cheaper memory or
    The 110$ EVO 880 has 1 GPU, But does take 1600 memory. So the Mobo's cheaper and I'd get a bit more pricey memory so it works out.
  8. Very very few mobos list support for 1600 MHz. Yet they can all do it. Mostly the specs just list the regular speeds and then the top end speed. Anything in between should be achievable with the right RAM.
  9. Thank you! that's what I thought but I couldn't see that anywhere! Takes love to reply to a needy noob. KK Seriously my last question please coldsleep answer me for best answer.
    Should I stay with my G.Skill ( which I will have to setup in BIOS myself
    or one of these OCZ ram

    OCZ AMD Black Edition 4GB designed for AMD (
    OCZ Reaper HPC Edition 4GB (
    OCZ Special Edition 4GB

    Each OCZ at cl8

    Price doesn't matter
  10. Best answer
    You're going to have to set up any of them in the BIOS, and the "designed for AMD" is just marketing.

    I would get the G.Skill because it's less expensive than the rest and it has better timings.
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