Radeon 4670 or 3450 w/ HybridCrossfire ??

Hi guyz,

I'm new to these forums. I recently bought a new Desktop and need help in buying the grahics card.

My desktop configuration is as follows:

AMD Phenom II X4 830 AM3
AMD 760G chipset - radeon hd 3000 IGP
640GB sata
280W PSU
Windows 7 64bit

This is a preconfigured system from Lenovo called the K305. I bought it cause I got a nice deal on it (500 bucks incl tax).

Now the 760G mb supports hybrid crossfire with the HD 3450. I have never used Crossfire or SLI so i have no idea how much of a performance boost that provides.

My question is, should I get a HD 4670 GPU and use it standalone or a HD 3450 crossfire(d) with onboard HD 3000 will give better performance ?

I choose HD 4670 cause it fits in my budget (~$50) and low power requirements. Also would I need a new PSU for 4670 or 3450 crossfire ?

I'm not a hardcore gamer. Would be playing games like COD modern warfare 2 or GRID or latest NFS or BLUR kinda games on 1280x1024 or 1024x768 res. I don't need very high detail either. I'm ok with medium graphic detail.

Please suggest.
Thanks for all the comments. I appreciate it.
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    Hello and welcome to the forums
    I don't recommend Hybrid CrossFire because its not for performance,its mostly for power saving and barely has an effect on gaming.
    So go with 1 HD 4670,its much more powerful than 3450 HybridCF
    And yes you'll need a new PSU for the 4670.A good 450W+ PSU would do the job
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  3. cool. Thanks!

    Also, for a budget of $100, what would be my options for graphic cards+PSU combo ?

    If I am getting a new PSU, might as well spend $20 bucks extra and get a radeon hd 5XXX .... makes sense ?

    thanks anyway
  4. Well for $100,its a little hard to find a decent VGA+PSU combo.Is it possible for you to raise it ?
  5. not possible to raise it. $100 is a stretch already for me.

    Do I need a PSU with a PCIe connector ?

    I am considering HD 4670, HD 5570 or Nvidia GT 240

    Also any thoughts about the Nvidia GT 240

    One more thing ... most HD 5xxx series cards are PCI express 2.1 but my mobo only has PCIe 2.0. Are they compatible ?
  6. 1_Yes you need a PSU with a PCI-E connector
    2_HD 4670 is faster than both HD 5570 and GT 240
    3_As for PCI-E 2.1,its backward compatible with PCI-E 2.0
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