Balanced pc

i want to buy a gaming pc
can anyone give me a configuration of a balanced gaming pc within 1050-1150?
i would like intel proccessor
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  1. You need to provide a link to your vender. Most pre-built gaming pc's cost more, and don't use quality components, especially the power supply. You can buy any oem pc and probably change out the power supply and add a video card yourself. I would get an antec, corsair, seasonic, or enermax power supply with 550-650 watts. For video, budget at least $100 for the card and look for ddr5 ram on the card. I read some newegg reviews for software conflicts or excessive fan noise, which is common on some high end cards. I prefer a quieter video card fan. And don't ever expect to upgrade the cpu later. Get the cpu you want now and plan on selling your system when you are no longer happy with the cpu performance. The phenom II's are fine for gaming; the core i5 750 which I recommend for Intel is probably too expensive in your price range.
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