ITB only showing up as 11GB?

So I got a new SSD (mushkin chronos 120gb) and I also had a HDD (1TB) previously. I installed windows 8 on the ssd and now want to use my HDD as a secondary device to store games and photos and all that other jazz. Problem is my HDD is only showing up as 11GB instead of 1TB? I have even formatted it but it still shows as 11GB. What happened, did I do something when I was installing my win8 or is my hdd corrupted? Also I have another device (backup E) which showed up as soon as I booted in windows. Its only 99.9 MB total. I don't remember setting up a backup drive?

My specs should you need:
FX6100 @ 4.9
8 gb 1866OC ripjaw
650W psu
Windows 8 pro
gigabyte 7870 OC
120 GB mushkin chronos
1tb (11gb) HDD <---WDC6400AAKS-65A7B2
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  1. Sounds like you need Mobo drivers cause it sounds like the 11gb you have is actually just another partition of the SSD which could mean that your PC isn't recognizing the HDD.
  2. but wait I see two drives in the device is chromos and the other is the WDC -western digital which is my HDD.
  3. heres something I just noticed....when I went to disk management I saw that out of my 1TB HDD, 585.04 is unallocated. DOes that mean anything? How can I get all that back to my 11G
  4. Unallocated space won't show up in a OS. I'd suggest using a disk partition utility to reformat the entire HDD into one partion or two or three, all you have to do is make sure the entire drive is allocated space.
  5. Windows 8 should have a partition manager just search for "partition" in the charms search bar.
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