Green Dots on New Iiyama Monitor


I'm looking for some advise before contacting my hardware suplier (I tried the search command but it doesn't seem to be searching the forum properly - so apologies if this is a common topic)

I've just purchased a new Iiyama 24inch prolite monitor - using it for the first time yesterday I seem to be getting a haze of flashing green dots across the screen on a number of applications (at 1600x900 and 1900x1080), particularly Firefox full high resolution images and COD MW2 static backgrounds

I checked with a white desktop and a black desktop background but they both seem to be fine.

if this likely to be hardware - monitor or graphics card (ATI-5770) or something else entirely?

thanks for your help
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  1. Easy way of finding the fault:

    Try your PC with another monitor/TV and see if you get the same problem, if not then its the monitor, if you do get the same problem then it could be your graphics card or cable.
  2. Cheers,

    I'll give it a try again on my old monitor - certainly never noticed any problems on the old iiyama 21inch CRT - but i do't think i ran it at max resolution.

  3. Ok mate, let us know how you get on :)
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