Computer dont start after long beep

I am in trouble about my computer.Suddenly it stop cause of me need help.I am using gigabyte M/B and Intel p4 processor.I was having old 40GB PATA HDD i bought a new SATA 320GB HDD couple of weeks ago.I was needing some data which was present in old HDD.I connected both HDD earlier everything was fine.But today after i connected and push the power button a long beep came and PC didnt started.I checked both memory stick one by one but it didnt work.I observed the beep comes like 1 long and 2 short .I searched this on internet and it is mentioned it is related to Video Card but i dont have additional video card installed.
Then what is the problem pls help me out.
Thanks in advance pls help.
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  1. Try resetting your BIOS (pull motherboard battery for few seconds) then try again.
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